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Our second annual Wine Festival will be held December 2, 2023 ​​from 1pm to 4pm in Shreveport's historic Festival Plaza! This spectacular event is designed to bring together two things that people love, the Christmas Spirit and Wine!  The timing of this event is intentionally set at the beginning of December to usher in the holiday season!  There will be 100 wines shipped in from all around the country and globe just for our guests to explore! Wine is an excellent way to travel the world without boarding a plane!  From the novice to the most seasoned wine enthusiast, we are positive that our upscale selection that will cater to all and serve as an opportunity to broaden all palates! This festival serves as  great setting for a seasonal office party, date day, or just an opportunity to grab some friends and try some wine!  While popular household favorites will be available, local wineries and vineyards will also be on hand to showcase their amazing products. Along with the extensive assortment of wines, our guests can also look forward to partaking in cocktail snacks provided by local Shreveport restaurants and caterers! All wine samples and food options are included in the price of admission! In addition to great food and wine, there will be several amazing holiday themed backdrops, so we encourage our guest come ready to take some post worthy photos!


~ Tickets~

Early Bird

Let's get the party started early!  This year, we are offering an Early Bird Special!  These tickets will be available until 10/31/2023 OR until these 200 tickets are gone!  Early Bird tickets come with all the perks of the General Admission tickets, just at a discounted rate!

General Admission

Tickets will include a custom wine glass which will serve as your pass to unlimited pours throughout the festival. All food options also are included the price of admission.  General admission ticket sales will end on 12/1/2023, the day prior to the festival!

Same Day Tickets

Guests are highly encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance.  Online ticket sales will end the day prior to the festival.  Any remaining or unallocated tickets will be available for purchase at the gate for $90 via cash or cashapp. 

Our 2023 Wine List is still being carefully curated so that we are able to provide the best experience for our guests!  If you are a vineyard or winery with permission to vend within Louisiana, we would love to showcase your products at our upcoming festival.  We invite you to reach out via the information listed below.  If you are a business interested in an unique and impactful opportunity to promote your services, we also invite you to reach out via the information listed below!

~The Name ~

There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between a mother and a son. In my mother's case, it is between her and her two sons. My mother fostered a bond between the three of us that inspired me to create, 3 Strands. Some of my fondest childhood memories started with my mother getting us Icees from the gas station on a hot summer day. She would tell us stories as we rode around, laughing for hours. However, it was not long before those boys became men, those Icees were replaced with glasses of wine, those car rides were replaced with cool summer nights on the porch, and those stories became a little funnier!

My older brother and I would debate about who had the better taste in wines which led to us both bringing a bottle of Cabernet to compare and dissect. By the time we would finish the bottles, all of the fancy words were replaced by fits of laughter and my mother declaring that this week's competition was another draw. One evening as we debated, my mother jokingly said "how about y​ou just try them all!" And that day 3 Strands Wine Events was born.

Our aim is to bring exceptional people together to taste exceptional wines. Great wine is like a great friend, you may not remember what they said, but you will always remember how they made you feel! So, drink and be merry my friends. We are honored that you have chosen to partake with us! But please remember to enjoy your experience and always drink responsibly!

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