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New Orleans

Our inaugural New Orleans Wine Festival will be held May 25, 2024 ​​at the Contemporary Arts Center from 1pm to 4pm. Whether prosecco is your preference or merlot is your main thing, we are positive that our upscale wine selection will cater to all and serve as an opportunity to broaden all palates. There will be 100 wines shipped in from all around the country and globe just for our guests to explore. While posh and familiar  brands will be available, local wineries and vineyards will be on hand to showcase their amazing products. In the flavor of New Orleans, it is only right to highlight the amazing art scene that has made the city famous.  Local artists will be present to display their work and speak about the inspiration of their pieces.  Along with the extensive assortment of wine and art, our guests can also look forward to partaking in cocktail snacks served throughout the entirety of the festival.  All wine samples and food options are included in the price of admission!


Early Bird

Early Bird tickets come with same perks as the general admission at just a fraction of the cost.  This special promotion will end April 12th So get your ticket NOW!

General Admission

Tickets will include a wine glass which will serve as your pass to unlimited pours of wine throughout the entirety of the 3 hour festival.  Our guests can also look forward to a 20% discount to view 2 floors of artwork at the Contemporary Arts Center.  All food options available at the festival are included in the general admission price.  Get your tickets NOW!

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Our signature wine, a White Cranberry Pinot Grigio, is just one of the many things that makes our festivals unique and unlike any other tasting experience.  Produced by On Cloud Wine in Shreveport, LA, our signature wine is only available at our festivals.  We purposely designed this wine to be the perfect tasting wine.  This medium-bodied white wine has very distinct flavors for the palate, fruitful aromatics, and a refreshing crisp finish.

3 Strands Signature Wine

Tasting Experience #1 presented by Kickapoo Twist Winery

Gloster, LA

Crimson Cabernet

Blanc Du Bois

Rosie Muscadine

Sabine River Red Wine

Tasting Experience #2 presented by On Cloud Wine

Shreveport, LA

Penelope Peach

Sunset Rouge

Blueberry Moon

Crosslake Cabbie

Luke ~ Chardonnay

Morgan Chardonnay Highland 2022

Oberon Chardonnay Canrneros 2021

Seance Chardonnay 2020

Marietta Cellars Christo Red Blend

Hedges Family Estate CMS Red Blend

Requiem Red Blend

E by Educated Guess Red Blend Napa Valley

Tasting Experience #5 presented by Royal American Miss

Brave Cellars, Road Not Taken

Brave Cellars, Less Travelled

J Lohr Pinot Noir Fog's Reach Vineyard

Angel's and Cowboys Proprietary Red Blend

Tasting Experience #6

Slo Down Wines, Send Nudes ~ Rosè

Cicade's Song, Rosè

Decoy, Rosè

Sheid Vineyards, Rosè

Tasting Experience #7

Wildman & Sons Mashio Brut Prosecco

Lunetta, Prosecco

Santa Margherita Sparkling Rosè

Stella Rosa, Sparkling Imperiale Rosso

Tasting Experience #8

Girl and Dragon ~ Pinot Grigio

The Seeker ~ Pinot Grigio

Jackson Family Classics, Benvolio Pinot Grigio

Trinity Oaks ~ Pinot Grigio

Tasting Experience #9

Marietta Cellars, Old Vine Riesling

Tobin James Cellars, James Gang

Giannikos Winery, Windmill

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

Tasting Experience #10

Kivelstadt Cellars, Father's Watch

Vending Machine, Horror Show

Slo Down Wines, Sexual Chocolate

Luke ~ Merlot

Tasting Experience #11

Villa Sandi Prosecco II Fresco

Villa Sandi Prosecco II Fresco Rosato

Moletto Prosecco

Tobin James Cellars, Dream Catcher

Tasting Experience #12

Ghost of a Chance, Gangster of Love

Block Winery, Pocketbook

Roots Run Deep, Truth Be Told

Luke ~ Red Blend

Tasting Experience #13

Cadre Wines, Sea Queen

Slo Down Wines, Broken Dreams

Giannikos Winery, At Sea

Vending Machine, Loula's Revenge

Tasting Experience #14

Duckhorn Vineyards, Paraduxx Red Blend

Tasting Experience #15

Slo Down Wines, Send Nudes ~ Rosè

Cicade's Song, Rosè

Decoy, Rosè

Sheid Vineyards, Rosè

Tasting Experience #16

Bourbon Street Jazz

Slo Down Wines, Slo Jams

Candre Wines, Stone Blossom

Kivelstadt Cellars, Family Secret

Tasting Experience #17

Avaline Red Blend

Tobin James Cellars, Notorius

SpellBound ~ Cabernet Sauvignon

g3 ~ Red Blend

Tasting Experience #18

Wild Bush, Tornados in Space

Blue Billed Duck, Rubby Duck

Educated Guess ~ Cabernet Sauvignon

Valravn ~ Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Experience #19

J Lohr, Late Harvest Riesling

Marietta Cellars, Old Vine Riesling

Tobin James Cellars, James Gang

Giannikos Winery, Windmill

Tasting Experience #20

Vending Machine, Crooked Mayor

g3 - Cabernet Sauvignon

Jackson Family Classics, Murphy Goode Cab. S

Coppola Diamond Collection Red Blend

Tasting Experience #21

Slo Down Wines, Send Nudes ~ Pinot Noir

Kivelstadt Cellars, Sibling Rivalry

The Pinot Project ~ Pinot Noir

SpellBound ~ Pinot Noir

Tasting Experience #22

Cadre Wines, Band of Stones

Decoy ~ Sauvignon Blanc

Duckhorn Vineyards ~ Sauvignon Blanc

19 Crimes, Cali Blanc

Tasting Experience #23

Alexandria Nicole, Shepherd's Mark White Blend

Dive In ~ Sauvignon Blanc

Pike Road ~ Chardonnay

Clarksburg Wine Company, Chenin Blanc

Tasting Experience #24

Tasting Experience #25

Complete Wine List Coming Soon

The wine list for this extraordinary festival is still being carefully curated to provide the best experience possible to our guests.  We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

~Wine List~

~Catering Partners~

Chef Shonda's Fine Dinging To-Go

Craig Events

Antoine's Famous Cakes and Pastries

Piety and Desire Chocolate

Complete List Coming Soon

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